Kailie Nott

I still do not know how I came to be a horse fanatic. I grew up on the fringe, overlooking bush, orchards and houses, not horses. My parents were not interested in horses except for the occasional ride with my grandfather, who had spent time in the cavalry feeling like the inadequate city kid against his country counterparts. I was … Read More

The Friesian: Impressively Elegant

Draflos 2 in flight. By Emily Friedel AS WE sit on Grace Lamers’ verandah, her 94-year-old cockatoo, Dixie, sneaks up to sip foam off Grace’s cappuccino. Four large dogs mill around the table and a white peacock preens itself on the spa a few metres away. In a nearby paddock, Grace’s 16-year-old Friesian stallion Age B (pronounced “Arg- ah Be”) … Read More

Monkey Tail Design

By Emily Friedel DARREN GILBERT has a profound love of Australia’s environment and strives to live in harmony with it. There are no sharp lines defining the border between his existence and that of the surrounding landscape of his Highlands home. Similarly in his work as a professional artist, there is a give-and- take relationship with the natural world. Darren … Read More