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Ghin Ghin Farmstore & Cafe

Established in 2001, the Ghin Ghin Olive Grove is home to 675 trees, a mixture of the Frantoio, Manzanillo and Nevadillo varieties. In 2008 the trees are now reaching maturity and the grove has had its fifth commercial harvest.

We usually hand-pick in late May or early June; the fruit of 20 to 30 of the Manzanillo trees is hand-cured in brine for several months before bottling, while the remainder is processed into extra virgin oil that blends the three varieties. Roughly one tonne of fruit produces 160 to 200 litres of oil; this amount can vary significantly with moisture and weather variations – in 2007 there was no crop at all due to drought and late frosts. As fruit yields from the grove increase, we hope to produce varietal oils in addition to the blend.
03 5797 2734
211 Ghin Ghin Road, Yea

Marmalades is run by locals David & Stephanie Webb (and we by our 3 kids!). We employ local people; mums, uni students, teens and support our local businesses as well.

We are all about your experience and our staff are friendly, easy to chat with and more than happy to help ensure you feel at home at Marmalades. We are passionate about your experience and we strive to deliver great service, excellent coffee & delicious food. We use only the finest and freshest ingredients to create an amazing visit that you will talk about for years to come.
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20 High Street, Yea VIC
Philip Lobley Wines
1084 Kinglake-Glenburn Rd, Glenburn VIC

The Lobley family purchased their Glenburn property in 1992. It is located in the Upper Yea Valley 9kms south of Glenburn at an elevation of 280m. The official GI is Upper Goulburn Valley. Planting began in 1995.

Our high-density vineyard consists of Pinot Noir, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Sauvignon Blanc, Muscato Giallo, Semillon and Nebiollo. These last four varieties were planted in 2008.

The vineyard is cane pruned to a single arm 8 buds long. The canopy is vertically shoot positioned and shoot thinned. We crop thin to 10-14 bunches per vine. Yield is 600-800gms per vine, this allows each vine to contribute a little fruit to each bottle.

There are two soil types, Red volcanic and Duplex. The Duplex is a Grey clay loam over a bleached silty clay which overlays a light brown mottled clay.

Climatically we are Cool Temperate with cold nights and warm days during the ripening period, March to April. We have a unique climate that provides autumn mists that roll across our dam and over the vineyard, creating a shroud that is lifted by the warming sun. Cool gentle ripening follows.

Harvest begins in mid March for Pinot while Merlot and Cabernet are picked in April. The other varieties are yet to yield a crop. Wines are hand crafted in small batches. Our wines undergo wild yeast fermentation and are not filtered or fined.

Our aim is to produce wines that reflect our sense of place here in Glenburn.

In addition to the winery my wife Lyn now bakes traditional sourdough bread in an Allen Scott designed and built retained heat wood fired oven. Production is about 350 loaves per week. These are hand made artisan loaves.
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Sedona Estate

From Sedona Estate’s humble beginnings, Sonja and Paul are proud to create regionally distinctive wines of impeccable quality. Visit our beautifully crafted cellar door and enjoy a complimentary tasting with the winemaker, who likes to share his art of winemaking.

The hillside cellar door offers mesmerising views of Murrindindi’s rolling hills. Artisan platters featuring fine local produce complement our diverse wine portfolio including the iconic Cabernet Sauvignon and limited release Sangiovese.

CELLAR DOOR Open: 11am – 5pm Wednesday – Sunday & public holidays Wine: Choose from our diverse & large wine selection. Wines are available by the glass. Food: Taste artisan food from local producers.
03 9730 2883
182 Shannons Road, Murrindindi Victoria